Made in Story is corporate storytelling

We support companies to develop the communication strategy, helping them to build the foundations for elaborating their story.
It is a mix of Marketing, Communication and Knowledge skills in digital environments; Social Network, SEO, Email Marketing.


Why the need of storytelling?

With the advent of the web 2.0, users have “overturned” their approach to companies.
They are constantly looking for information; institutional, about products and know-how.
Consumers want continuously informations and updates on the company’s life.
Providing them with this continuous link is the basis for gaining authority, developing the brand loyalty, encouraging them to buy.


The glue is the storytelling

Everything starts from your “story to tell”.
We write it together and from it we develop business projects ranging from Trade Marketing to Operational Marketing, from an Editorial Plan, to managing a Corporate Blog.

The target:
1) to excite people loyal to the brand
2) to boost confidence in the market to push purchases


Need to create your Storytelling Marketing strategy?

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