Need Analysis

Hans and Angelica, the creative and design minds of Flowerssori, one of the most intrepid startups of the last few years, after the debut in the children’s furniture industry, have strongly felt the need to define their corporate storytelling in a structured way and on solid marketing bases.
The aesthetics, the children’s smile, the dream of giving the best of the positive influences in their first three years, the black and white presence of Maria Montessori, the light, the curves, were the elements that never left us during our Marketing Strategic Support.eting.

Strategic Coaching

The consulting started with the definition of product plus badges and business concept.
The challenge was to communicate effectively not only the aesthetic beauty and design that characterizes all the items in the Flowerssori range, but also every single feature that can produce key benefits in child growth and learning activity.
This was the central and most important part of the job.
Subsequently, we created the site with focus on determining and elaborating the copy to be placed on the home page and on the main pages.

Marketing activities

  • Affiancamento strategico di Marketing
  • Elaborazione strategia di Comunicazione
  • Elaborazione testi (copy) per il sito
  • Attività di SEO on site
Most Recent Projects