Need Analysis

Vaselli is a company immersed in the heart of Tuscany.
Not only because Rapolano Terme, where it is located, is almost the center of the region.  But also because it has all the right stuff to be 100% Made in Tuscany.
The material that produces, Travertine, is extracted right in this part of Tuscany.
The taste for the beauty and so much more. When we met with Andrea and Cinzia Vaselli, the company needed to maximize the quality excellence of its products.
In other words, to define the distinctive plus of the company, to put “black on white” the competitive business benefits and launch a communicative process that can elevate business positioning.

Strategic Coaching

The analysis focused on the distinctive features that make Vaselli unique in the international scene.
We have succeeded in bringing out one by one the plus of Vaselli that affect all corporate assets; the excellence of the raw material, craftsmanship, know-how on design, and rooting in the territory.
From there, we have defined the communication contexts on which to build the Corporate Storytelling.

Marketing Activities

  • Strategic Marketing Support
  • Elaboration of the Communication Strategy
  • Structuring the Content Plan and launching Social Media Management activities
  • Visual Storytelling on Instagram
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