Need Analysis

Miriam Nori, at the time we met called IRON, involved Made in Story to change his image sharply.
IRON was characterized by a strong product identity that mirrored Miriam’s eclectic, creative and strong character, but could not convey the strength of the brand with the same effectiveness.
It was time to change the story of IRON.

Strategic Coaching

We started from what most characterizes a brand; his naming.
We looked at the mirror and reversed the course; IRON becoming NORI, Miriam Nori.
The name of the designer, creative and owner of the company.
A must in the fashion and jewelery market.

From here, the step was very short to process the new logo; we accompanied Miriam’s hand to trace her identity with graphics, which became the central part of her new brand.
And after her hand, we focused on her heart, that believes in imperfection and at the same time style.
We have coined the claim “Imperfect Elegance”, which from 2015 follows the corporate communication of Miriam Nori.

Marketing Activities

  • Strategic Marketing Support
  • Naming Ideation
  • Restyling logo
  • Creation of the Corporate identity
  • Corporate pay off elaboration
  • Creation of the new corporate site
  • Art direction for photographic shooting
Most Recent Projects