Iron – Miriam Nori

There’s a mirror at Iron’s. If you place the word “sensitivity” in front of it, the mirror reflects “irreverence”.

If you place the word “imperfection” in front of it, it reflects “elegance”. When Miram Nori placed her name in front of that mirror, she created Iron.

fotografo ritratto miriam noriIron is a project about matter and contrasting aspects coexisting, finding a balance. This is true for the products, for the communication style, for the kind of people it addresses.

From architecture to design

The way to the development of the Iron project wasn’t direct. Miriam is an architect.
Her career followed the traditional path at the beginning: a degree, an employment in an architecture firm and some urbanistic and building projects for civil and industrial planning.
However, she always had a particular feeling, something like a very strong impulse was always burning inside of her:she wished to touch matter and see the results right away

Touching matter and seeing the results right away

It’s much easier with art.
You work the matter and it gets a shape, it turns into an object, you see the results of your work straightaway.
An artist doesn’t have to go through the devious paths of bureaucracy to get permissions and certifications for their projects as architects do.
For Miriam the time to struggle with all this was over. It was clear she would go off the beaten track.

A photo exhibition, a medieval hall, two big sacks of coarse salt and some wax sticks

They’re not the ingredients of a new product. It’s the installation Miriam created for a photo exhibition to support a local artist.
This was the chance she was looking for, the right occasion to show her talent as an artisan and an artist.
At the exhibition, a salesperson in clothing happened to see her work, he took some pics of her wax creation and showed them to his boss.
Some days later, the company contacted Miriam asking her to design and produce some accessories for them.

This was Miriam’s first professional cooperation with an apparel company.
And this was the springboard to the creation of a series of products whose main characteristics are the use of imperfect matter and originality with respect to classical aesthetical canons, the courage to dare.

Mission: imperfection as a new canon of beauty

Miriam Nori’s mission is to spread a new vision through the world of jewellery and fashion.
Her basic assumption is that art has to be free from the impositions of particular aesthetical canons. She puts down in black and white Iron’s list of values.

brand storytelling miriam noriLove for bronze, first of all, because:

  • it’s imperfect
  • it isn’t a precious material
  • it contains copper, which slowly oxidizes showing the “patina of age”

Secondly, a new perspective on matter.

At Iron’s you see the intrinsic qualities of an object, beyond its superficial patina. You shape it according to your feeling, you give the material a new life and it becomes yours.

Boldness is another important value.
Miriam’s choice is to use unusual materials, assembling them carefully: the artwork must expressly be provocative; it has to combine different contrasting elements as, for example, noble materials with recycled or humble ones.

What impressed me more about the Iron project, apart from its unique artistic style and strong personality, is that it perfectly represents the concept of Made in Italy.
In fact, the project is strongly bound to the territory of Umbria. Miriam Nori was born and grew up there. To work and sell her creations there means to embrace her roots, to preserve the artisanal excellence of her land. Iron doesn’t only represent the quality of the Italian national manufacture, but it also expresses the richness and potentiality of a local, regional market, the one of Umbria.

You can find Miriam Nori and admire her creations in her atelier Narni (TR) or on her website.